Friday, 24 February 2012

Woah Hecticness.

Well today sucked, one of my mates knocked out some using cock-end who lives upstairs. Fair play to him, he actually did something about it instead of dealing with the situation. But he deserves it, he lies, walks around like he owns the place and fucking things he's 'IT' well, fuck him. I don't condone violence but if someone is only hanging out with you just to take your food and take advantage of whatever you have and doesn't listen to any word you say, then you have to slap them about a bit.
An another topic, i got called 'Sir' today on the bus back from my parents, which was rather unusual seeing as he seemed about 6 years older than me... Nevertheless, nice to know some people have manners. But yeah, no cigarettes, no food, hardly any electric, banks being money-taking bastards and everything going generally shitty today. But hey, the weekend is here and in the morning it is FRIDAY. And after that THE WEEKEND.. so hopefully all will become better.
Currently rendering the first series of Phil and Myself's project on Minecraft, a little SMP if you will, we decided that FUCK IT, fed up waiting around for people so we will do our own. It's taken me 6 hours and 3 failed attempts to render this episode due to disk space issues..and right now it's only on 51%.. So hopefully it should be all ready and uploaded for you guys tomorrow morning. (Friday 24th)
Anyway, hope you guys have had a better day than i have today... A few people on my mind who i don't think understand me but hey, i hope they do because they're good people and could hopefully become good friends.
Peace out to y'all.


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