Friday, 30 March 2012

Unknown On YouTube

Being a start up guy on YouTube kinda makes me realise things from a fans perspective. Nobody listens to you, no matter how much you message someone or try and arrange something with someone who has a "Following" ... you never get a reply. The only person who has had the decency to message me back is Jason Bradbury via twitter. If you don't know who he is, he hosts The Gadget Show, a british tv program.
But yeah, nothing against these guys, they're obviously busy and have better stuff to do, but i WILL get to the top, and when i do, then screw those guys... i mean, if you're not going to put the effort into talking and interacting with your fans.. What's up with that? You don't deserve anything. Fans are called FANS for a reason, they look up to you and you are an inspiration to people. If you talk to them or address them personally, sure people are going to spam you with messages, but isn't that the fun of being famous or having a small following? Take advantage of it.

I can see why people do it to be honest, because the internet is a nasty place. Twitter for example, it isn't a very censored place, FULL of celebrities and idols (And annoying dickheads who Guarantee that you can work from home) ... Fed up with that.

But yeah, all i'm saying is, i wish people interacted with their fan base a little more, sure they make more videos and publish entertainment weekly, even daily... So props to them, just try get a little more... Intimate? with your fanbase.

That is all.



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