Saturday, 25 February 2012

25th February - Saturday 2012

I'm here, Blasting xKore whilst my Minecraft partner, Phil is on Skype with me. I think he hates me right about now.
Clinical Editting errors occurred, as phil just told me, so, the re-render is back online now at around 24% and Ep.3 should be out tomorrow or tonight at some time.
Things are still hectic in the house, but because the main start of the hecticness has currently left to see family, it's been quite quiet and relaxing, i think they're back tomorrow though so craziness begins yet again. Currently working on a full version of the dubstep firework remix. And i think i'm doing some more recording tonight with Phil to get Minecraft out ready for your viewing pleasure. As phil mentioned in one of our videos, we are only two friends making videos and we have LOTS of ideas, we just don't have funding or anything atm so right now any help whatsoever would be appreciated!
We hope to be getting a server set up for you guys soon, so keep your eyes out for that. But a lot more gameplays are going to be out soon from Uncorrupted Gamers and Randomozo. Lots of good stuff will happen!
Keep your eyes peeled and keep on supporting and liking our videos, it is greatly appreciated!

Thankyou for Reading


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