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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Rendering and Boredom..

So, sat here on the pc all day, beautiful day, yet i can't go outside, my own decision, putting you guys first as always, the reason i couldn't go out is because of damn rendering... why does it take so long and we are "In the future" according to some people in the 1900's so... why can't we have hoverboards and instantaneous awesomeness?
People need to fund the right people/scientists/researchers and get this shit done, get ourselves out of a recession and start fighting for future inventions and moving forward, instead of large companies taking over everyones day to day lives with iPods and iPads and iNeedAllYourMoneys ... Why? There are people starving yet people can waste £350 ($556) on a little bit of glass and plastic? Sure, invest, if it makes your life easier or gets you making some cash, sure... But i'm pretty sure a tablet or a phone is a fashion accessory. Remember Nokia? They were made so that one person could call / text another person, why all this fancy bullshit? I'm not anti-technology at all, i love it, i'm just looking at things from a different perspective for a change, and it pisses me off.
We, as the human race, need to sort ourselves out and kick ourselves up the arse every now and again.
Let me know what you guys think.


Saturday, 25 February 2012

25th February - Saturday 2012

I'm here, Blasting xKore whilst my Minecraft partner, Phil is on Skype with me. I think he hates me right about now.
Clinical Editting errors occurred, as phil just told me, so, the re-render is back online now at around 24% and Ep.3 should be out tomorrow or tonight at some time.
Things are still hectic in the house, but because the main start of the hecticness has currently left to see family, it's been quite quiet and relaxing, i think they're back tomorrow though so craziness begins yet again. Currently working on a full version of the dubstep firework remix. And i think i'm doing some more recording tonight with Phil to get Minecraft out ready for your viewing pleasure. As phil mentioned in one of our videos, we are only two friends making videos and we have LOTS of ideas, we just don't have funding or anything atm so right now any help whatsoever would be appreciated!
We hope to be getting a server set up for you guys soon, so keep your eyes out for that. But a lot more gameplays are going to be out soon from Uncorrupted Gamers and Randomozo. Lots of good stuff will happen!
Keep your eyes peeled and keep on supporting and liking our videos, it is greatly appreciated!

Thankyou for Reading

Friday, 24 February 2012

Woah Hecticness.

Well today sucked, one of my mates knocked out some using cock-end who lives upstairs. Fair play to him, he actually did something about it instead of dealing with the situation. But he deserves it, he lies, walks around like he owns the place and fucking things he's 'IT' well, fuck him. I don't condone violence but if someone is only hanging out with you just to take your food and take advantage of whatever you have and doesn't listen to any word you say, then you have to slap them about a bit.
An another topic, i got called 'Sir' today on the bus back from my parents, which was rather unusual seeing as he seemed about 6 years older than me... Nevertheless, nice to know some people have manners. But yeah, no cigarettes, no food, hardly any electric, banks being money-taking bastards and everything going generally shitty today. But hey, the weekend is here and in the morning it is FRIDAY. And after that THE WEEKEND.. so hopefully all will become better.
Currently rendering the first series of Phil and Myself's project on Minecraft, a little SMP if you will, we decided that FUCK IT, fed up waiting around for people so we will do our own. It's taken me 6 hours and 3 failed attempts to render this episode due to disk space issues..and right now it's only on 51%.. So hopefully it should be all ready and uploaded for you guys tomorrow morning. (Friday 24th)
Anyway, hope you guys have had a better day than i have today... A few people on my mind who i don't think understand me but hey, i hope they do because they're good people and could hopefully become good friends.
Peace out to y'all.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Darkness - The Beginning (Not the game)

So, it's 21:36 according to my computer, and we (in our house) have finally just got electric back on! Been sat in the dark for so many hours makes you contemplate and think of ideas and an excuse to play a little guitar to entertain annoy your housemates...
But the plan! The plan indeed is more gameplays and such, hopefully tonight i'm gonna get in touch with some guys to continue the SMP on a new map, might even let you guys know about my Singleplayer project on Minecraft. Also currently going to be working on a full version of the Dubstep Firework Video that i posted half-heartedly, with an embarrassing ending of Inspector Gadget (FML...) So yeah, that should be up soon, still, 2000+ views on the half-hearted version? I didn't expect that at all so to all who watched and liked, thankyou.
Private life is still pretty hectic and i am hopefully going to move out soon and then i can focus 100% on the internet. 'GEEK' i hear you shout... AND WHAT.. i shout back at your face. I'm doing this for you guys, entertainment is my favourite thing to do and participate in :)
But Yush, I shall catch you guys soon, let me know what you guys want to see in future, and of course don't forget to subscribe to me on YouTube and possibly donate if you can, it helps me a lot!

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Partnerships and Discussions.

Well hello guys, the past week has been hectic in my life and ARGH i havn't got any work done Whatsoever and it's driving me insane! Fortunately, we have merged with Uncorrupted Gamers and a few members of them and Randomozo are going to be bringing you lots of interesting content soon!
Including my personal Minecraft SP, some SMP stuff and broadening out into other games doing some gameplays and commentaries. I also set up a steam group which can be found here if you want to help us out and join.

I have personally set up loads of Social networks to get you guys involved with us if your interested!
They're linked through our 'like' page if you fancy having a gander.
Like page is here

But yeah, interesting things happening. I need to move house, because i'm currently in a shared house and the state it is in is... truly dreadful.
So thats my first priority, looking for a new place in or around Scarborough.

Basically, lots of stuff is going to happen soon so... Keep watching out for us and keep on supporting us as much as you can!
If you want to donate to Randomozo you can donate to me through this page on the right -->


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

08 February 2012 - The Beginning.

Hello. For you guys who don't know me, I am called Aiden Wilson. I am under the alias 'Randomozo' on YouTube. I make videos as often as possible. And right now, I am putting as much time and effort into video production on the YouTube channel.
On here, I will probably post updates now and again and release special events or secret videos now and again if you guys are interested!
I currently am making a full version of the 2012 New Year Fireworks in London remixed to Tommy's Theme by Noisia. I made a quick edit of this and uploaded it, and it is already at around 1100 views already! Which is a LOT more than i expected.
I am starting here with nothing, and would really appreciate it if you guys who live/scroll around the internet would help me out as much as possible!
I am currently living in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in England and only make a living editting the odd videos now and again...
I have a few friends who help me out with recording some things like gameplays and such. And i wish to expand a LOT into doing a lot of things, and hopefully be able to put 100% of my time into this as possible! I have made a few Minecraft videos and yeah i know it's MINECRAFT and as soon as you log onto YouTube there is the Yogscast, TotalBiscuit, CaptainSparkles, LMonsterHD, PotatoOrgy, BrenyBeast.. the list is endless for Minecraft celebrities. I do not wish to be a full time person on minecraft, i do enjoy the game a LOT and i do enjoy making loads of huge builds. I want to be in the position of where i can run a (or a series of) servers for you guys so minecraft can have some awesome servers with some awesome people, offering an awesome service and having everything legit and sorted for your entertainments.
My experience when i first bought minecraft (In the Beta stage) was pretty dim, trying to find a decent server to play on which was very hard, i came across the one, put SO much effort into it. Then a kick/ban happy Admin comes along, burns and destroys everyones builds and then bans everyone... What's up with that?
Fair enough, there was probably a reason behind it, but hey... I didn't do anything wrong so why should i be punished? 3 WEEKS WORK DISAPPEARED IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES... *sigh*

Anyway. I have been fortunate enough to be whitelisted on the Rogue Nation server which is run by Adam (lMonsterHD) And my builds have been featured on Server Tour Tuesdays which Adam personally does videos for. I even met CYLaneDwight's Girlfriend, and met a bunch of decent guys from Australia and from around the world on the Rogue Nation server. I even filmed an SMP with some of the Rogue Nation guys that can be found on my YouTube account.

Anyhow, thanks guys for your support and i hope it will continue! I respect you guys a lot and I wish to continue giving you videos for your entertainments!

Much Love