Saturday, 10 March 2012

Life and the boring "In real life" stuff..

Well then, havn't wrote a blog in a while so i'd thought i'd update you guys on my personal life.
Currently going through a bit of a rough patch, my gran has cancer and she isn't doing too well so i've been spending time with her and helping family and people through feelings, my mum isn't doing so great because of said reason. And in all, it's a depressing period that we all need to try and stay positive for, for my grandma's sake. I spent most of my childhood with my Gran, every birthday and christmas she would always make us a handmade card, she was always interested in crafting and and designing things for people she cares about. My heart is there for her, always will be. Love you Grandma Maureen xx

I have recently been a bit down, because of this damn house, the situation is, i'm in a shared house, the housemates usually like to get involved with the wrong crowds and the situation always ends in the police coming here, searching every room, including mine for drugs/stolen good/ whatever really.. and it's pissing me off, you know what it's like working until about 5am then going to bed at say, 5:30am then getting woken up at 6am with the police at your door asking questions, making me feel like i've done something wrong... Not good. Hopefully things are getting better soon, theres a lovely lass upstairs who keeps herself to herself and she is worrying like crazy aswell so i'm trying to be supportive to her aswell, she is in the same situation as me really, alone in the big wide world with limited income. The main thing is, It is annoying not to be able to control my own life.

But yeah, on the positive side, it's my birthday on Monday, nothing planned for it, probably just meet with a few friends and have a few drinking contests here and there, put those people to shame haha... nah, it'll probably be the opposite, i'll end up on my arse before long, but it should all be good :)
But yeah, right now? Rendering episode 14 of our Minecraft series, finished and uploaded a little remix of a guy that dances around in our town. And listening to Dubstep on Soundrop on Spotify (Not a plug) but hey... it's good.
Probably thinking about bed soon.
Hope you guys are doing well anyway, let me know how you guys are and such. 

I love talking :)

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I fucking love Dubstep :')




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