Wednesday, 8 February 2012

08 February 2012 - The Beginning.

Hello. For you guys who don't know me, I am called Aiden Wilson. I am under the alias 'Randomozo' on YouTube. I make videos as often as possible. And right now, I am putting as much time and effort into video production on the YouTube channel.
On here, I will probably post updates now and again and release special events or secret videos now and again if you guys are interested!
I currently am making a full version of the 2012 New Year Fireworks in London remixed to Tommy's Theme by Noisia. I made a quick edit of this and uploaded it, and it is already at around 1100 views already! Which is a LOT more than i expected.
I am starting here with nothing, and would really appreciate it if you guys who live/scroll around the internet would help me out as much as possible!
I am currently living in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in England and only make a living editting the odd videos now and again...
I have a few friends who help me out with recording some things like gameplays and such. And i wish to expand a LOT into doing a lot of things, and hopefully be able to put 100% of my time into this as possible! I have made a few Minecraft videos and yeah i know it's MINECRAFT and as soon as you log onto YouTube there is the Yogscast, TotalBiscuit, CaptainSparkles, LMonsterHD, PotatoOrgy, BrenyBeast.. the list is endless for Minecraft celebrities. I do not wish to be a full time person on minecraft, i do enjoy the game a LOT and i do enjoy making loads of huge builds. I want to be in the position of where i can run a (or a series of) servers for you guys so minecraft can have some awesome servers with some awesome people, offering an awesome service and having everything legit and sorted for your entertainments.
My experience when i first bought minecraft (In the Beta stage) was pretty dim, trying to find a decent server to play on which was very hard, i came across the one, put SO much effort into it. Then a kick/ban happy Admin comes along, burns and destroys everyones builds and then bans everyone... What's up with that?
Fair enough, there was probably a reason behind it, but hey... I didn't do anything wrong so why should i be punished? 3 WEEKS WORK DISAPPEARED IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES... *sigh*

Anyway. I have been fortunate enough to be whitelisted on the Rogue Nation server which is run by Adam (lMonsterHD) And my builds have been featured on Server Tour Tuesdays which Adam personally does videos for. I even met CYLaneDwight's Girlfriend, and met a bunch of decent guys from Australia and from around the world on the Rogue Nation server. I even filmed an SMP with some of the Rogue Nation guys that can be found on my YouTube account.

Anyhow, thanks guys for your support and i hope it will continue! I respect you guys a lot and I wish to continue giving you videos for your entertainments!

Much Love



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