Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Rendering and Boredom..

So, sat here on the pc all day, beautiful day, yet i can't go outside, my own decision, putting you guys first as always, the reason i couldn't go out is because of damn rendering... why does it take so long and we are "In the future" according to some people in the 1900's so... why can't we have hoverboards and instantaneous awesomeness?
People need to fund the right people/scientists/researchers and get this shit done, get ourselves out of a recession and start fighting for future inventions and moving forward, instead of large companies taking over everyones day to day lives with iPods and iPads and iNeedAllYourMoneys ... Why? There are people starving yet people can waste £350 ($556) on a little bit of glass and plastic? Sure, invest, if it makes your life easier or gets you making some cash, sure... But i'm pretty sure a tablet or a phone is a fashion accessory. Remember Nokia? They were made so that one person could call / text another person, why all this fancy bullshit? I'm not anti-technology at all, i love it, i'm just looking at things from a different perspective for a change, and it pisses me off.
We, as the human race, need to sort ourselves out and kick ourselves up the arse every now and again.
Let me know what you guys think.



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