Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Darkness - The Beginning (Not the game)

So, it's 21:36 according to my computer, and we (in our house) have finally just got electric back on! Been sat in the dark for so many hours makes you contemplate and think of ideas and an excuse to play a little guitar to entertain annoy your housemates...
But the plan! The plan indeed is more gameplays and such, hopefully tonight i'm gonna get in touch with some guys to continue the SMP on a new map, might even let you guys know about my Singleplayer project on Minecraft. Also currently going to be working on a full version of the Dubstep Firework Video that i posted half-heartedly, with an embarrassing ending of Inspector Gadget (FML...) So yeah, that should be up soon, still, 2000+ views on the half-hearted version? I didn't expect that at all so to all who watched and liked, thankyou.
Private life is still pretty hectic and i am hopefully going to move out soon and then i can focus 100% on the internet. 'GEEK' i hear you shout... AND WHAT.. i shout back at your face. I'm doing this for you guys, entertainment is my favourite thing to do and participate in :)
But Yush, I shall catch you guys soon, let me know what you guys want to see in future, and of course don't forget to subscribe to me on YouTube and possibly donate if you can, it helps me a lot!

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