Sunday, 18 March 2012

Dedication, Excavation and Problems... Lots and Lots of Problems.

Well today started pretty sucky, had my dad ring me up saying that my Grandma has died. Bless her soul, may she rest in peace. I'm glad she is gone in a way because when i went to go see her she seemed like she was in so much pain and she couldn't do much. May she have disco-rave parties in heaven with my Great Grandma!
I'll miss her, i shall forever love her.

On another topic. YouTube is having a few uploading issues, a few youtuber friends have been having the same issues so i know it's not just me. But what IS just me, is that people have been spamming ads on my account so my Adsense has been (hopefully temporarily) disabled. But hey, i'm more worried about the daily videos! I've been uploading content everyday for the past what... 3-4 weeks? Now it's gonna have a long gap in the middle... fml...
But yeah, it's now Sunday, 01:01am... Bored as hell because i've finished everything i can do, i recorded some more things today which i shall keep a secret, editing will have to wait until tomorrow because i feel so tired it's inreal, my sleeping pattern is so messed up and after spending most of Saturday in tears, i'm going to try and get back on my feet and start bringing you decent content.
I would like you guys to please share my videos to as many people as i can, because i want to be able to entertain in the MASSES! And if you don't like things i post hey, SAY IT! At least then i know what you guys want to watch and what you do want to watch.

Let me know what you guys want and i shall deliver as much as i can.

Hope you guys are having a better day than i have today.

Much love


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