Sunday, 19 February 2012

Partnerships and Discussions.

Well hello guys, the past week has been hectic in my life and ARGH i havn't got any work done Whatsoever and it's driving me insane! Fortunately, we have merged with Uncorrupted Gamers and a few members of them and Randomozo are going to be bringing you lots of interesting content soon!
Including my personal Minecraft SP, some SMP stuff and broadening out into other games doing some gameplays and commentaries. I also set up a steam group which can be found here if you want to help us out and join.

I have personally set up loads of Social networks to get you guys involved with us if your interested!
They're linked through our 'like' page if you fancy having a gander.
Like page is here

But yeah, interesting things happening. I need to move house, because i'm currently in a shared house and the state it is in is... truly dreadful.
So thats my first priority, looking for a new place in or around Scarborough.

Basically, lots of stuff is going to happen soon so... Keep watching out for us and keep on supporting us as much as you can!
If you want to donate to Randomozo you can donate to me through this page on the right -->



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