Monday, 9 April 2012


Hey guys! Finally! Happiness has found a way into my heart! After working my arse off for the past 7 months i've finally earned some money! So.. computer upgrades are first priority so that damn lag will disappear from my Minecraft Series! So, gonna get me some cheap 8GB RAM and hopefully a new monitor if all goes well. Plus I'm probably gonna buy a domain, not saying what, yet you can probably guess, i'll keep you updated. (Not saying in case someone bids against me for the domain... damn those guys) But yeah :) Just done a bit of a rushed Dubstep edit on RandomozoEdits so go check that out if you havn't already!

Also what do you think of the new avatar type thing? It's 100% me haha... long hair, Famous Stars and Straps hoodie. Might just have to do a full scale version so I can try and pixelate my DC's haha...
But thanks a lot guys for all your support! We are finally getting a few subs here and there and things are looking good.

I'm also thinking about Partnership with Machinima, not because of the money, just to make new connections and get my channel and my persona more known around the world! But i'm not sure, i'm a bit of a klutz when it comes to technicalities and partnerships/sponsorships, i always read contracts OVER and OVER because I never seem to understand the technicalities.
So yeah, this is just an update, telling you guys what i'm up to and such :) Also, do you like the new Blog layout and the website layout? Also set up a few other things such as a Merch store, thanks to District Lines, so if you ever want to wear some Randomozo gear, be sure to check that out!


I have been Randomozo
Take Care


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